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    Areas of Expertise - Pain Relief
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    Areas of expertise - performance and injury prevention

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How We Help

Areas of Expertise - Pain Relief

Pain Relief

Our hands-on approach to physical therapy has been proven to help the healing process, provide pain relief and give you back more range of motion.

Areas of Expertise - Surgical Rehab

Surgical Rehab

We’ll work with your surgeon before and after your surgery to give you the best possible outcome.

areas of expertise - posture and ergonomics

Posture and Ergonomics

“Sitting is the new smoking.” …especially if you aren’t using proper posture and paying attention to ergonomics.

Areas of Expertise - Sports Rehab - Sports Recovery

Sports Rehab

Our treatments and prescribed exercises will help you build strength and stability to get back in action as fast as possible.

Areas of expertise - performance and injury prevention

Performance and Injury Prevention

Let’s prevent your injuries before they even happen! We’ll work to keep you safe AND improve your performance.

Areas of Expertise - Sports Recovery

Sports Recovery

High-level endurance athletes often suffer soreness due to a build-up of toxins and breakdown of muscles. We help you recovery faster and reduce injuries.

As an Olympic athlete I am training on my own besides the Olympic year and Dave has been keeping me healthy and ready to compete when our team comes together! He’s the best! Thanks for all your help over the years! See you soon!   Jessie Vetter, Olympic Athlete in Women’s Ice Hockey

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Why us?

Receive hands-on care

Appointments last 45 minutes to 1 hour. You will receive expert care in the hands of well-trained, experienced physical therapists who specialize in manual therapies.

You deserve the best!

Our Physical Therapist continually invest in training and perfecting techniques, while always learning about the newest and best equipment, protocols and techniques available.

We don’t want to see you in pain!

At PRO Physical Therapy, we will make every effort to see you within 24-48 hours, including extending our hours when possible.