Olympic Athlete in Women’s Ice Hockey

As an Olympic athlete I am training on my own besides the Olympic year and Dave has been keeping me healthy and ready to compete when our team comes together! He’s the best! Thanks for all your help over the years!

Jessie Vetter, Olympic Athlete

Worth Every Penny!

I injured my ankle by stepping in a pot hole while running. Initially the doctors told me that it was just a really bad sprain, but it turned into something a lot more than that. After an MRI I was diagnosed a couple of torn ligaments and a severely bruised talus.

I had 8 months of treatment, including,= 6 weeks in a walking boot, 2 orthopedic specialists, 2 surgeons, and 2 physical therapists. At this point, I still had daily pain and was told multiple times that I was going to need surgery. I am 26 year old biomedical engineer and ironman athlete, so this was not acceptable to me. My sister referred ASTYM to me, which my insurance did not cover, but I was willing to try anything at this point.

After only 3 weeks of manual therapy and ASTYM my ankle feels nearly 100% better. I no longer have daily pain and was able to start returning to the activities that I love. Thank you David, it was worth every penny.

Skiing Again!

Because of your extraordinary skill as a physical therapist I was able to achieve my goal to resume skiing. It was a year of both success and frustration to make the transition from crutches to skis. There were times when I felt frustrated at the slow rate of progress, however giving up was not in my vocabulary.

You combined a lot of push and a unique ability to get ‘inside my head’ to make me work harder. You also provided a lot of encouragement and support throughout the long process. Your exceptional ability enabled me to be successful. Thank you for all that you have done.

Earned the trust of an Olympic Athlete

As a former Olympic and Professional Soccer player recovering from an injury, I needed someone who would help guide my care, someone I could trust. Dave Nissenbaum has been that trustworthy person for many years. Thanks for all your help over the years, I really appreciate it!

Thanks for helping me get into my clothes!

For almost a year, a tear in the labrum in my shoulder was making it more and more difficult for me to get dressed. I couldn’t put on my seat belt or reach for objects. The range of motion in my right arm became extremely limited and movement caused pain to travel down the right side of my body. My doctor referred me to Dave Nissenbaum for evaluation and physical therapy.

Dave asked questions and listened to where and how it hurt. He helped find ways for me to strengthen my muscles and relieve the pain. His individual approach to stretches, exercise and healing made it possible for me to once again get dressed without contorting my body to get my arm in a sleeve. Thanks, Dave – you made it possible for me to get dressed with ease once again!

Hip pain subdued after 2 visits

The night I woke up with such pain in my left hip, I was shocked. I’m almost 70, so I’m due, but I had not suffered any symptoms of deterioration due to age until now. I didn’t know what was ahead, what it meant, or what I’ d be able to do.

I called UW Fitness Center. I found out I had the beginnings of arthritis in my left hip, and was prescribed physical therapy. I was treated by David Nissenbaum, and felt better almost immediately. My treatment covered about three months time, a clinic visit about every week with hands-on massage plus exercises. I was given a regimen of exercises to follow at home, and almost the same regimen is now a part of my life. The entire experience was invaluable for me.

My pain was subdued after two visits and gone totally when the treatment was finished. Physical therapy is a greater resource for us than I ever imagined and I think David is right up there with the best. Thanks very, very much for your expert care, David.

Dave Nissenbaum has been able to really gets results for me! Otherwise why would I come from so far away to get therapy for my bad back and neck? I have had endless rounds of therapy before with mixed results. Now I feel that I am on the way to getting my problems solved.

Relieved pain from surgery

At first I wasn’t sure about ASTYM. However, after the first treatment I was convinced. It made so much of my pain from surgery go away! After the first few treatments of ASTYM, it actually starts to feel good to get it done.

Sometimes I wonder how I managed without it!

I am an active 60 year old man who has severe early onset degenerative arthritis. This has required multiple joint replacements in the last several years including my left shoulder and both knees. All of my physical therapy has been provided by Dave Nissenbaum. The ability to work with the same therapist over time has helped my progress and understanding tremendously. Dave is excellent and thorough in his care.

Shocking Results using Extracorporeal Shockwave (ESW) Treatment

I just finished another 4-mile run with the dogs thanks to you, Jaime. The Extracorporeal Shockwave (ESW) treatment has done wonders for both feet! Although I am unjustly blaming the dogs for how slow I am, I am more than happy to give you and the ESW treatment full credit for letting me do things I haven’t done in 8 years. When I tore my plantar fascia I followed all the recommendations: booted and non-weight bearing for weeks, night splint for years, daily exercises and icing, custom orthotics, cortisone shots, ultrasound treatment, etc. Things only got worse, not better. I couldn’t walk barefoot without my foot going into spasms and had to limit my walking to taking the dogs out. Even swimming, biking, cross country skiing, and ice skating hurt. I was about to completely give up on ever being able to be active with my kids and husband again when I asked you if there were any new treatments.

Jamie recommended I come to Pro Physical Therapy and try ESW, and quickly fixed my feet! I can now do all these things, including running, which I never thought I would be able to do again. I’m loving being active and pain free again.

Thank you so much!