As we head towards the spring sports season, it’s time to start pre-season assessments. The first step to increasing the intensity and intent of your off-season baseball and softball development plan is to assess the raw material you’re working with.

The OnBaseU screen identifies mobility, stability, and strength variables that affect the ability of a player to train for the upcoming season and beyond. The screen allows you to find the most efficient way to swing and throw for each individual. Take the guesswork out of training plans and safely push your athletes to the next level by identifying the bottlenecks unique to each athlete.

Of the 1000 OnBaseU certified instructors, 500 are working for Major League Baseball organizations. Jeff at PRO PT is the only certified instructor within 80 miles of Madison, WI. Capitalize on this opportunity to schedule your high level OnBaseU pre-season assessment screening by calling the Middleton clinic.

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