COVID-19 & CDC Compliance within PRO Physical Therapy

PRO Physical Therapy’s patient care team acknowledges and are following the CDC Guidelines for stopping the spread of COVID-19. Please, help us to remain healthy so we can continue to provide physical therapy services to our patients.

We are complying with all State mandated orders and CDC guidelines. What you should know before entering the clinic(s):
  • Patients and employees will have temperature taken and will be required to take a COVID-19 Questionnaire (upon arrival)
  • Masks are required for ALL employees and patients
  • Social distancing will be observed and practiced within the clinic (when possible)
PRO PT is dedicated to stopping the spread of COVID-19 and protecting all individuals. PRO Physical Therapy asks that ANY patients or employees that is showing or experiencing symptoms of any kind, please stay home or you will be asked to go home and patient appointments will be cancelled. Additionally, patients/employees will be unable to return to the clinic for 14 days or until proof of a negative COVID-19 test result is achieved.
You can help by following universal precautions, practicing social distancing, washing hands repeatedly with soap and/or using hand sanitizer, covering your sneeze or cough, keeping hands away from your face and eyes, and if you are feeling sick please remain at home! Again, wearing a mask is a State mandate.
Please contact the clinic with any questions.
Thank you,
PRO Physical Therapy Staff

Contact us:
Cross Plains: 608.413.0550
Middleton: 608.841.1290